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2008-10-16 [Able to detect & repair]

[Constructor.MYIVWE] is a malicious code making tool that helps you to make a type of VBS(Visual Basic Script) malicious code easily.

- Main screen of Constructor.MYIVWE

- Generated vbs file.

< Files >

[Constructor.MYIVWE] generates the below files.

(Root folder)\(designated name1).vbs
(Root folder)\(designated name2).vbs
(Root folder)\recycler\(designated name1).vbs

[How to repair]

1. If you are WinXP/ME users, please be inactivate System Recovery Function.
The reason why being inactivate of the system recovery is to clean the virus completely.
You can refer to MS technical documents(Q263455) for more details.

2. Update the engine module for the latest one.
To repair this virus, you need to update the engine for the latest one.

a. ViRobot products users
-Download the latest engine files via our website (

b. Non-ViRobot products users
- Use the LiveCall (Free Scan) via the website (
- Use the trial version of ViRobot products (30days only)

3. How to scan the virus.

a. Run your ViRobot, and choose all files in scan option.
- ViRobot Desktop 5.x : [Tools] -> [Configuration] -> [Spyware/Adware Scan] : Check all files
- LiveCall (Free Scan) : [Advanced Scan] : Check

b. Repair all viruses detected.